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Established in 2000, methods s.a. has successfully thrived through adverse environments, while extending its customer base and services portfolio.

Extensive trainings have allowed us to evolve from a pure development organization to a diversified company, offering consulting services, studies, support and development.

On the support side, we have embraced ITIL for all our consultants. We have been re-engineering customers’ processes in order to make them ITIL-compliant. We have advised organizations on how to deploy the ITIL best practices, up to the choice and configuration of the Service Desk tool.

Development and studies have, most of the time, been web-centric. The emergence of new web paradigms required a change of mind from oursevles and our customers. Not only did we create Internet and Intranet websites, but we have also advised companies to position themselves on the web, to protect their copyright and IP or to use search engines in an optimal way.

Apart from ITIL, methods s.a. bases on Prince2 for project management. As for our developments, they are carried out using object-oriented technologies, whatever the platform.


methods s.a. is an independent company established in 2000. methods is in private hands and is no way affiliated to any foreign or Luxembourg-based group.

The employees, managers and directors of methods s.a. are the only people entitled to speak on behalf of our organization.

Under no circumstances shall methods accept liability for third party companies speaking on their behalf.

Any change to the above policy would be notified in writing to our customers and partners.

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