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The versatility of Business Services

methods view its Business Support activities as essential in order to call itself a Services Organization. Business Support Services include all activities that organizations do not want to carry out on their own. The wide scope of Business Services stems form the need to service both the private and public sectors.

Organizations are facing a double pressure : to perform more and better. Specialists are not always available internally or are assigned to existing tasks or would lack the necessary "helicopter view", i.e. the capability to take some distance from day to day work. Or the strategic decision has been taken to outsource an activity.
methods regularly perform studies on behalf of customers . Throughout times, we have helped customers improve their marketing procedures, study new business venture or organize their presence on the web or streamline their help desk procedures.
Web-based editorial services

Increasingly, large organizations publish their information online as a means to dispatch their news rapidly and in an economic way. Content management however is rarely a strategic activity. What is required for editorial services is both a thorough understanding of our customers' processes good redaction abilities, whatever the language.
Support activities

By support activities, we imply helping end user cope with problems or inciidents arising from the use of their applications or their business processes. Thus user-support can range from helping end-users with their software applictations up to managing an event on behalf of a customer. methods have solid references with the private and public sector in supporting customers with both cases.
Service Desk

Our help desk services are ITIL-based. Congruent with the will to avoid paving cowpaths, organizations often require a review of their support procedures before installing a new application. methods apply ITIL procedures in a flexible way, in accordance to the global strategy of the customer and with a view of applying an "affordable" level of change.

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