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Consulting is about helping organizations solve their own problems and not about the consultancy solving its financial problems. It requires a third party (the consultant) to shed new light onto an unsatisfactory situation. Consulting supposes knowledge of the business' best practices, an understanding of the customer's work processes and of the art of bringing about change in an organization. Consulting, as we view it, is essentially a strategic exercice. At methods, we have expertise in the areas described hereafter :
management consulting

methods have consulted with organizations in the public and in the private sectors (industry and finance). Throughout our missions, we have taken care of balancing management theories with the practical realities of the goals to be reached. This mix of theory and pragmatism is the best guarantee for the successful delivery of our missions.
marketing consulting

In the private sector, methods have successfully helped financial and industrial organizations select the appropriate markets and define the correct channels for their products/services range, either in the real world or on the Internet.
IT consulting

At operational level , methods had the opportunity to help customers establish IT plans, select the most appropriate solutions according to their needs and environment or streamline user support, according to methodological recommendations. methods' references in this area range from methodological product selection to setting up IT management plans.

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