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Coming from France or Germany

- Take the motorway around Luxembourg and look for the Esch / Alzette exit.
- Take that exit and drive up to the "Pontpierre" /"Dippach" exit. Look for the N13.
- Leave the motorway there and turn left.
- Follow the direction " Dippach" for about 4 km.
- At the railroad crossing you have arrived. We are the building on your left hand-side, opposite the crossing.
  Turn left and park near the station.
Coming from Belgium

- Leave the motorway at the first exit after the border. Look for the N 13.
- Turn right and follow the direction "Dippach - Bettembourg" up to the roundabout in Dippach.
- At the roundabout, follow the direction "Bettembourg" (second exit).
- Drive up to the railroad crossing. You have arrived, we are the last building on your right hand-side.
  Turn right and park near the station.

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How to find us ?
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