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New developments

New developments are performed using object orientation only. Our development teams support two different platforms :

  • Java, J2EE, (Eclipse Jbuilder, Apache Tomcat, JBoss),

  • .NET (C#).

Around these front-end tools, we also support XML as an integration language and Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase as RDBMS.
Application maintenance

Application Maintenance is problematic and is a major hidden costI tem in any organization. It requires a large number of experienced people who spend a lot of time focused on legacy applications. The main problem is to reduce maintenance costs and free up internal resources for new development projects.Methods can get your organization ahead of the Application Maintenance life cycle.

Using methods for the maintenance of your applications will bring you the following benefits :
- maintenance costs are controlled
- efficient management of your applications through the use of a structured approach
- proven methodology and organization to ensure continuity of service
- involve the Customer in all phases of maintenance
- an integrated reporting tool .

Methods implements a series of phases including a Quality audit, an inventory of the applications involved, of the partners and their roles, an initialization and transition processes before the outsourcing process itself.

After a short period, anticipated results will be :
- rapid and reliable response to users requirements
- correct estimation of workloads and delays
- creation of project planning
- standard documentation and maintenance procedures
- formal, frequent and efficient reporting.

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